Fitness is more than looking good. It’s feeling good on both the inside and outside. Train your mind; your body will follow!


Jennifer Warning resides in the York, Pa area and is a proud mother of two. Having played sports since a young age, she became interested in working out and the gym in high school and college. Her passion for fitness grew after having her son when she decided to compete in a Bodybuilding show for fun. She was energized by the changes she was able to make just by changing her exercise routine and diet. That’s when the gym routine became a daily part of her lifestyle.

In 2013, Jen became a Health & Wellness coach, helping others with their weight loss goals & sharing in their successes. She sees her job as a Personal Trainer is to educate, motivate and celebrate her client’s success. It’s amazing what your body can do with the proper training and instruction. She has a no excuses attitude! Fitness is not just physical. It’s mindset.

The quickest way to acquire self-confidence is to do exactly what you’re scared to do. CHANGE.