The purpose of a pre-workout meal is to fuel your activity and give your body what it needs to perform at its peak. Your body needs carbs for energy and protein. A great snack could be an apple or a banana with nut butter.

You cannot overlook the importance of a post workout meal. The foods you eat should reenergize you and aid muscle recovery. You ideally want to eat a healthy balance of lean protein and complex carbs. You can drink a quick recovery shake or eat a meal within 60 minutes post workout.

You should stretch before and after your workout. Before your workout you want to warm-up by doing what is called Dynamic stretching. This is active stretching which stimulates and prepares muscles for use during exercise. It’s great for warming up. When your workout is done, you want to utilize Static stretching. This means you hold your stretch for a period of time. Typically 10-30 seconds. It improves overall flexibility.

Bootcamp includes exercises such as squats, lunges, dips, burpees, and pushups. It’s a full body high intensity style workout. I incorporate cardio based exercises as well as weight training.

YES! You can!! My bootcamps are for anyone! All fitness levels welcome. Most people need that accountability and love the motivating group atmosphere. Any exercise can be modified. You do not need to keep up with the group. As you attend consistently you will become stronger.

Ever hear the expression, “no pain, no gain”? My training style is old school, favoring a body building style approach with weight lifting, and cardio is secondary to building a strong and healthy physique. My attitude is tough, but I get the job done. After a session with me you may feel exhausted, but you definitely won’t be regretting the workout once you see your gains.

If you want a no-excuses motivational approach to getting fit, I’m your girl.

I do body building style workouts. This is mostly weight training. Weight training is proven to be a more efficient form of exercise for weight loss and overall body composition change over cardio.

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